Our Plan

Community members from across Dakota County collaborated to create Heading Home Dakota, a 10-year plan to end homelessness in our community. The Dakota County Heading Home Committee convened in spring 2010 and met over the course of the following year to:

  • Understand the nature and extent of homelessness in Dakota County
  • Identify service, program, and funding gaps
  • Develop a strategic approach with corresponding progress metrics
  • Foster stronger collaboration and partnerships
  • Prepare a plan to document the community's framework for ending homelessness and provide a platform for securing implementation resources

Heading Home Dakota was prepared in 2011 with six major goals to identify the following six major avenues toward ending homelessness. Taken together, these goals form a comprehensive approach:

Goal 1: Prevent Homelessness
Goal 2: Ensure Adequate Supply of Housing Opportunities
Goal 3: Increase Outreach to People Experiencing Homelessness
Goal 4: Improve Service Delivery
Goal 5: Engage the Community in Ending Homelessness
Goal 6: Improve Systems for Addressing Homelessness

For each Heading Home Dakota goal, specific strategies to reach the goal are identified, along with the desired outcome within a ten-year horizon. Existing resources and organizations that could have a role in achieving the strategy are noted.

The Heading Home Dakota Implementation Guide provides a greater level of implementation detail than the Plan. For each strategy, this guide includes a series of specific action steps and ideal completion timelines developed by the Heading Home Dakota Committee.